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What is NeHRa?

NeHRa is a network of women active in Human Resources related fields.

The principle of the membership is to share someone's specific expertise, knowledge or experience in various fields with the other members active in the same fields. Our vision is to be valued as a competence centre.

Our mission is to grow into a professional working group providing:

  • > Supportive HR coaching
  • > Advice
  • > Informal networking opportunities
  • > Sharing of best practices and competencies

how to become a member

As a member, you will have access to the following information:

  • > Who is who database
  • > Competencies network
  • > Annual planning of the meetings
  • > Agenda of the next meeting and registration
  • > Slides of previous meetings


objectives and Values

NeHRa has been created with the objective to develop a network amongst women being HR professionnals and having the will to share their competencies and their best practices. It is asked to each member to participate actively to this network via the competency base and the activities in order to stay a member.

Pragmatism / Open communication / Mutual respect / Active participation


NeHRa meets every 2 months for an evening activity, from 6.30 pm to 9 pm. We invite a speaker for a conference on a specific topic.

Before and after the conference, time for networking is foreseen.