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How to become a member?

To become a member, please send your application via the registration form below. Your application will be submitted to a committee for acceptance.

The criteria for acceptance are :

  • > to be introduced by a member of NeHRa
  • > to take part in the HR competencies exchange library
  • > to be an HR professional

The accepted members commit themselves to:

  • > Respect the confidentiality of the shared information (private as well as professional)
  • > Not to use any information for commercial purpose
  • > Actively participate by attending at least 3 meetings during the year
  • > Be eager to share and help

As a preparation for joining us, please fill in the following registration form.

This information will be send to the application committee which will let you know if you are accepted, and will send you your password.

Once you are accepted, this information (except your motivation to join NeHRa) will also be published in the who is who database for members.

  • Career management

    Compensation and benefits

    Competence development

    Health and safety management

    HR Strategic management

    Inter group competences

    Labor and employee relations

    New Ways of Work (a.o. flexible workplace, telework, etc.)

    Performance management

    Personnel services & administration

    Recruitment and onboarding